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Don't Let Your WordPress Website Be Slow & Vulnerable To Hackers.
Let Us Bring Everything Up To Date And Give Your Website A Speed Boost!

If you have a WordPress website, but not benefiting from a WordPress Care Plan or maintenance plan, chances are that your WordPress website is out of date as well as the plugins that are installed on it and the website theme. Our WordPress Tune-up service can help!

Over time, these out of date plugins, themes and WordPress platform can degrade your websites performance and lead to usability issues and functionality problems as well as leave your website open to exploit by hackers. Nobody likes a slow website, and if your website is running under par, you could be losing valuable enquiries and sales.

That's why we introduced our WordPress Tune-up service to help bring your website up to date and make sure everything is running as it should.

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Your Website & Your Business

Your website is your online presence and it is an incredibly important part of your business. Your website should be attracting attention, generating new customers, engaging with customers and increasing your business revenue. If your website is running slow, you are most likely losing customers and your website may be vulnerable to exploit and hackers.

All Software Is Vulnerable

Millions of websites are attacked every day by hackers who exploit vulnerabilities in the software that powers them. All software is vulnerable and therefore needs updating on a regular basis to help minimise the risk. An out of date website is an easy target for hackers, so protecting your website (your investment!) is crucial and should be considered a business priority.

What's Included In Our WordPress Tune-up Service?

We'll update your plugins*, themes and the WordPress core itself to make sure your website is up to date and loading quickly. On top of that, we'll apply our tried and tested WordPress optimisation techniques and tricks of the trade that will make sure your website is loading as quickly as possible!

Our extremely knowledgable WordPress experts will begin updating and tuning your website the same day that we receive your order!

Speed Report

We will analyse your website speed before and after our optimisation process.

Security Audit

Your website security is crucial to reducing the risk of exploitation & hackers.

Database Optimisation

Over time, your website database can become slow. We'll optimise it for you.

Core Updates

We will make sure that your website is using the very latest version of WordPress.

Theme & Plugin Cleanup

We will review your plugins & if we think there is a better alternative, we'll let you know.

File Compression

Reducing file sizes by removing unnecessary space can improve your site speed.

Theme Updates

We will update your WordPress website theme(s) to the latest version(s)*.

Website Caching

Caching your website will improve the time it takes for your website to load.

.htaccess Optimisation

Tweaking this file can produce dramatic improvements in your websites speed.

Plugin Updates

We will update the plugins used on your website to the latest versions.**

Image Optimisation

Optimising images reduces their size without reducing their resolution.

Website Review

Our comprehensive review will show the improvements we have made to your site.

Update & Speed Up Your WordPress Website Today!

We’ve designed our WordPress Care Plans to be affordable and effective and so provide three WordPress Care packages:

WordPress Tune-Up

  • Speed Report

  • Security Audit

  • Database Optimisation

  • Core Updates

  • Theme & Plugin Cleanup

  • File Compression

  • Theme Updates

  • Website Caching

  • .htaccess Optimisation

  • Plugin Updates

  • Image Optimisation

  • Website Review

* We will updates plugins that are freely available on the WordPress repository or those premium plugins which you have valid licences for. If you do not have a valid license for a plugin, you will need to purchase one if you would like us to update the plugin.

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