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WordPress Optimisation

We Can Help You Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Many WordPress users end up increasing their website loading time while installing plugins/components/modules and templates, which can affect the loading time and page speed.

With page speed becoming an much more relevant ranking factor, slow loading times can adversely affect your ranking in the search engine results.

A slow loading website can also be off putting for your website visitors and many will often click away to another website if yours is taking a long time to load.

wordpress optimisation

Why WordPress Page Speed Matters

Google has increasingly placed a lot of emphasis on the time it takes webpages to load. Website loading time is now an important ranking factor and also part of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process. Optimising a WordPress website for speed can mean the difference between a page 3 rank and page 1 rank in search engine results. Page speed matters because it makes for a better user experience. Slow loading WordPress websites often put visitors off and they click away to another website before your website has finished loading.

Our comprehensive WordPress optimisation service measures your website loading time and the number of database queries before making changes that will reduce the server load and make your website go faster.

If your WordPress website is running slow it may be from a variety of different reasons. Our WordPress optimisation services tackle these bottlenecks from many different directions. Some of our services will substantially speed up your site and others will fine tune the performance.

Our WordPress Optimisation Service Will Investigate & OptimiseThe Following Aspects Of Your Website

 Combine / minify CSS / Javascript
 Compress CSS and Javascript files
 Defer parsing of JavaScript
 Optimise / compress images

 CDN to deliver scripts / images
 Enable gzip compression
 Ensure caching is used
 Leverage Browser Caching

 Specify image dimensions
 Add Expires headers
 Minify HTML
 and much more!

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